Bitcoin Ka Malik Kaun Hai

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Bitcoin ka malik kaun hai – Who is the owner of bitcoin:

The owner of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, who hails from Japan. He started Bitcoin as a digital currency bitcoin on January 9, 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto was born on April 5, 1975 in Japan, the symbol of this bitcoin was given bitcoin. It is called BTC in short form, today bitcoin is the number 1 currency of crypto in the whole world, in which millions of people invest.

It works on peer to peer technology which we call digital currency which is neither visible nor touch it is a virtual currency which works digitally you can also buy with this crypto

What is the price of bitcoin now (Bitcoin price today)

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, its price keeps going up and down, the price of bitcoin keeps on increasing and decreasing all the time, now the price of 1 bitcoin keeps on increasing between 40 to 50 lakhs.

1 bitcoin price in 2009 in Indian rupees

The price of bitcoin was equal to about 1 rupee in 2009 because it was the beginning phase of bitcoin but slowly the price of bitcoin started increasing very fast, today its 1 bitcoin price is only above 40 lakhs.


Q: Where does the owner of bitcoin live?

Ans: bitcoin owner live in japan

Q: Which country’s currency is bitcoin?

Ans: bitcoin is the currency of japan

Q: Which is the crypto currency of India?

Ans: India has no crypto

Q: How many cryptocurrencies are there in the world?

Ans: There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the world

Q: What was the starting price of bitcoin?

Ans: The starting price of bitcoin was less than 1 rupee

Q: Which is the cheapest cryptocurrency?

Ans: Cheapest Crypto Currency (Shiba Inu) Rs. 0.002. is

Q: How much was a bitcoin worth in 2015?

Ans: The price of bitcoin reached $770 in 2015

Q: How much was bitcoin worth 10 years ago?

Ans: In 2010 the price of bitcoin was $0.3

Q: What was the rate of bitcoin in 2009?

Ans: In 2009 the rate of bitcoin was around 1 rupee

Q: When has bitcoin arrived (Bitcoin launch date)

Ans: Bitcoin was launched in 2009

Q : Who has brought bitcoin?

Ans: Bitcoin was brought to you by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto who hails from Japan.

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Updated: 25/05/2022 — 10:05