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New Delhi: Aaj Ka Rashifal: Let us know what is the effect of constellations on your life today. In such a situation, what should you do today because of the planets and constellations. Today, the person of which zodiac will get auspicious results and the person of which zodiac will have trouble. Know today’s horoscope from Acharya Vikramaditya-


You will be appreciated for the work done by you today. You may get to hear some good news. Today you should control your speech. People doing business today will be a little disappointed due to not getting the desired benefits.
Lucky number – 2, Lucky color – White
Remedy- Donating white grains will be auspicious for you.


Today you have to be careful with your opponents. You may also have some enemies in the form of your friends, so today you have to recognize them and ignore their words. Today you can do a new deal.
Lucky number – 8, Lucky color – light blue
Remedy: Chant Om Somay Namah


Today in your career you can get such an opportunity, which will make you happy. Today you have to spend only keeping your income in mind. You can go on a trip in connection with business.
Lucky number – 1, Lucky color – Orange
Remedy- Worshiping Shiva will be auspicious


Today will be a busy day. Today there will be a chance to go to some social events. Today you can consult your friend regarding career. There may be a guest arrival in your house.
Lucky number – 3, Lucky color – Yellow
Remedy- Donating coconut will be auspicious


Today will be a day full of progress for you. You will participate actively in charity work or will also spend some money in it, due to which you will get mental peace. You may be a little worried about your health. Be careful before transacting money today.
Lucky number – 9, Lucky color – red
Remedy- Offer Chola to Hanuman ji


If you are careless, then damage can happen. Today you should abstain from eating and drinking. Today you can go shopping with your family members. Keep in mind the budget.
Lucky number – 4, Lucky color – Brown
Remedy- Read Ram Raksha Source


Today you will have to try your best to reconcile it. Today you may have a dispute with your colleague in the workplace. Do check it out before buying anything. You can discuss future plans with family members.
Lucky number – 5, Lucky color – Green
Remedy- Offer Durva to Ganpati


Today you can get betrayal only from your business member. Your financial condition will be strengthened by getting your money stuck somewhere. The transaction problem will have to be resolved only after consultation.
Lucky number – 7, Lucky color – white
Remedy- Worshiping in Navagraha temple will be auspicious.


There will be profit according to the mind in business. The decision in the dispute may come in your favor. Today is not a suitable opportunity for investment. Competitors can dominate you in the workplace. So be patient. Be transparent in business transactions.
Lucky number – 6, Lucky color – pink
Remedy- Recite Shiva source


Today you will also be able to strengthen your financial situation. Today you will complete the unfinished work of your house. Avoid spending money on unnecessary tasks. Differences with relatives may increase today. So control your behavior and speech.
Lucky number – 3, Lucky color – Yellow
Remedy- Wearing silver will be auspicious


Today is going to be a normal day for you. Today you will meet an old acquaintance. Today you can get to hear bad things from your family members. There may be loss in partnership business today. You can consider new business.
Lucky number – 5, Lucky color – Faroese
Remedy- Feed roti to the cow


Today will bring positive results in the workplace. Today your voice will get you respect. Due to the presence of any auspicious program, busyness will remain. You can present any gift to you. Investing will prove beneficial in future.
Lucky number – 2, Lucky color – White
Remedy- Donate white clothes

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