From ‘Bharathi Kannamma’ to ‘Pakkiyalakshmi’

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From 'Bharathi Kannamma' to 'Pakkiyalakshmi' - Fans' Comments on Top Serials!
From ‘Bharathi Kannamma’ to ‘Pakkiyalakshmi’ – Fans’ Comments on Top Serials!

From ‘Bharathi Kannamma’ to ‘Pakkiyalakshmi’ – Fans’ Comments on Top Serials!

In this post you will find out about the top 5 serials that have captivated people in various serials aired on different channels in Tamil language and the top comments of the fans on the promos of those serials.

Serial promo

Usually if it is a serial then fans will always expect it to have some twist. Because without the twists and turns the plot of that serial has to look a bit dull. So the serials that are aired every day end up with some twist in order to attract the audience. Not all serials aired on all TV channels like this will captivate the minds of the people. But a few serials never fail to grab the attention of fans.

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In that sense, prime time serials that are usually aired on Vijay TV have become popular. According to this, you can know the details of the top comments of the fans on the promos of some of the serials that will be aired today. For the first time in that genre, a fan who watched the ‘Pandian Stores’ promo has somehow given birth to a baby for himself.

Fortunately, there are no tweets in this, it’s okay, as Kannan came and wrote to help himself, they have asked if Kannan will be included in the house anymore. Fans who saw the serial promo of ‘Bharathi Kannamma’ next have dreamed that it is good that Venpa is not scared, Avamma has come while Kannamma is alive and has given comments as to whether Venpa is scared of all this.

Following the serial promo of ‘Pakkiyalakshmi’, Jenny did all this and posted various comments on the character of Chezhiyan, saying, “Is it Pakkiya who is responsible for whatever happens in this house? Have proposed.

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Next to the ‘Roja’ serial promo, take the serial positively and reach the mouth of Annapurna. Only then will the TRB rating increase. With this accident, old memories will come back to Shenbagam Amma. Is there no other story for you? Looking at these comments it seems that the ‘Pandian Stores’ serial has earned the support of the people this week.

Updated: 22/12/2021 — 13:05
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