2021-12-21 18:08:52 | Makar Tarot Rashifal 2022 | Capricorn Taro Financial Horoscope: There may be loss in property – capricorn yearly tarot financial horoscope 2022 predictions in hindi

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Makar Tarot Rashifal 2022 | Capricorn Tarot Economic Horoscope
In the year 2022, new sources of income seem to be opening up for the people of Capricorn. You will be able to earn money through your intelligence. In the month of May-July, the transit of Saturn in its original triangle sign in the money house will bring about a tremendous increase in wealth for you. This year you will create conditions for monetary gains through your tact. The entry of Rahu in the fourth house can create conditions for the mother and expenses in the family.

Capricorn Tarot Economic Horoscope January – March:
The entry of Mercury in the Ascendant in January and February will create conditions for you to progress and you will gain money. However, the entry of Venus in the expenditure house in January-February and the transit of Mars in your twelfth house in the month of February can bring loss in work area and property. Children related expenses will also be more at this time. But it will be momentary because at the end of this quarter the transit of four planets in your ascendant creates a state of disinterest but can also bring tremendous benefits for you. There can be special tax benefits from the property or can also buy a new property. On the strength of your intelligence, there will be progress in the field and money will be gained. New sources of income will open at this time. Investing in gold and silver in this quarter will bear fruit in your interest. It would be better if you do not invest in the stock market. Investing in cryptocurrencies will bring auspicious results for you this quarter.

Capricorn Tarot Economic Horoscope April-June :
The strong position of the Sun in this quarter will create an auspicious coincidence for you. The entry of Rahu in the fourth house can bring trouble in the health of the mother and situations of expenditure will be created. Health related expenses can be high in the beginning of April. In May-June, the entry of Saturn in your zodiac sign will clearly open the doors of income for you and new investments will give very auspicious results at this time. From April 13, the entry of Guru in his own swarshi will create conditions for you to progress and you will create coincidences of wealth arrival through your tact. The exalted position of Venus in April-May will create coincidences of happiness and prosperity through your project. This quarter, there will be a strong auspicious coincidence by the stock market and there will be money gains. It would be better if you do not invest in cryptocurrencies at this time. Investment in gold and silver will also not give any special results this quarter.

Capricorn Tarot Economic Horoscope July – September :
You will have sour and sweet experiences this quarter. The retrograde movement of the owner of money house will bring ups and downs in your financial matters, the possibility of loss of money can also increase. The retrograde movement of the guru can also break your courage at this time or it can insist on unnecessary expenses. In this trimester, you need to pay special attention to your health. However, in the month of July-August, property can be profitable in this quarter. Although there can be chances of money growth this quarter, but there can be loss by the stock market. No significant success will be achieved by gold, silver or even cryptocurrency.

Capricorn Tarot Economic Horoscope October – December ,
The entry of four planets in your work area in this quarter will pave the way for your progress. Conditions of profit will be created and money will increase. Investing by trusting unknown people without thinking can be harmful for you. Luck will not support you till October 18, but after that the conditions will get stronger and there will be profit in income. The exalted position of Mercury will bring a decision in your interest and strengthen the financial situation. In this quarter, auspicious combinations will be made through gold and silver and wealth will increase. You will also get auspicious results in the share market. There will be ups and downs in cryptocurrency and it will be better if you do not invest in it.

Voice : Nandita Pandey

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