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Vrishchik Tarot Rashifal 2022 | Scorpio Tarot Economic Horoscope
For the people of Scorpio, the year 2022 will open new sources of income from the economic point of view and will create opportunities for wealth growth. Expenses are also seen to be very high in some one month, but the transit of Jupiter in its own zodiac is creating a protective shield for you related to money and eventually he will bring good news of happiness and prosperity for you. The transits of planets will give results in your favor this year. Dev Guru Jupiter’s going into self-sign, Rahu’s predominance in the sixth house and Saturn’s dominant position in the third house will bring good news for you. With this, Mars, the lord of the Ascendant, will mostly communicate in its friendly signs and will increase the conditions of money gain. There can be financial loss between 24 September to 13 November. At the end of the year, there may be an increase in anxiety regarding financial matters.

In the first quarter of the year, good conditions are being created for you and there will also be auspicious coincidences for economic wealth growth. Till January 16, Mars will transit in your zodiac sign in your ascendant and will also strengthen the conditions of monetary gains with respect. At this time, chances of wealth increase will be made for you by a mother-like woman. You will feel a lot in the decoration of your home. There will also be an expenditure in this regard. There are also good chances of promotion in the workplace or you will get benefit from your project. Investing in shares will not be auspicious for you in this quarter and it is better to postpone them. It would be better if you invest in gold and silver after taking expert opinion. There is a possibility of profit by cryptocurrency at this time.

April-June :
This quarter the lord of your ascendant will transit in your 4th and 5th house and will create opportunities for you to increase property and money arrival. From April 13, Dev Guru Brihaspati will transit in your own sign at your fifth place. This is a very good situation for you and the strong position of Jupiter, the lord of wealth, will create coincidences of sudden wealth arrival. Luck will favor you and you can also invest in property etc. and you will also get benefit from property. From this quarter, respect will increase for you. The weak position of Mercury in the beginning of April can increase expenditure and also cause damage to property. In this quarter, you will also get auspicious results from your life partner and new sources of income will open. The entry of Rahu in the 6th house will open the way for you to get rid of debt and will bring auspicious results for you in court matters. In this quarter, you will get profit from the stock market and the more you focus on this side, the more profit you will get. It will also be auspicious for you in investing in gold etc. This quarter, it is better not to spend in cryptocurrencies.

July – September :
The strong position of Sun in this quarter will bring better results for you in job promotion etc. Situations of money will also be created. However, at this time the retrograde position of the owner of the house of money can also make you spend some money. Weakness can also be felt in health and expenses are seen in this too. In July-August, the lord of the Ascendant will transit in his zodiac and get victory over his opponents, but due to the formation of Angarak Yoga with Rahu, there will be adverse effects in health and expenses will be incurred in this quarter. In this quarter, there will be coincidences of happiness and prosperity for you through cryptocurrency. It would be better if you do not invest in the stock market or gold and silver this quarter.

October – December ,
You will get sour and sweet opportunities in the last quarter of the year. In the month of October, the position of exalted Mercury at the benefic place will create chances of increasing wealth for you and will also bring auspicious results through property etc. However, there may be some obstacles in your workplace at this time. There can be chances of foreign trips this quarter and benefits will be received from abroad. If you invest in gold and silver with restraint in this quarter, better results will come. There will also be gains in this quarter by cryptocurrencies. It would be better if you do not invest in the stock market.

Voice : Nandita Pandey

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