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Navratri has started, in such a situation, special grace of Mother Goddess can be seen on some zodiac signs. At the beginning of the festival season, there is an atmosphere of joy and gaiety among the people. At the same time, you will also want to know what is going to affect your family, health, business, education etc. in the coming week. So let us tell you how the coming week is going to be for different zodiac signs.

You can also know the future things told by Ujjain’s Pandit and astrologer Manish Sharma according to your zodiac sign. So let us tell you how the coming week will be for every zodiac sign.


Vigilance will be required in the beginning of the week. Do not trust unknown person, and income may also get affected. Mercury and Thursday will be favorable. Along with all kinds of happiness, you will also get financial benefits. Time will be spent in excursion entertainment and time will be spent with family. Friday will also be a better day and sudden money can be received on Saturday.
profession- Do not rely on everyone for business, and the job will perform as expected.
Education- Self-assessment is required. Overconfidence will be harmful.
Health- Fever and physical pain can be a problem. There may also be pain in the ear.
Love- You will feel very attached to the partner, there will be happiness and marital happiness will be received
What to do– Visit Shri Sitaram Darbar.

tauruS and aries


The destabilizing effect will be reduced. Work will improve and progress towards progress. The disturbance that has arisen in the past will be fine. New profitable offers will be received. You will be successful in impressing the enemies. The parties will be strong in disputes. Family will get support. Money related problems can come on Mercury and Thursday. Venus and Saturday will be favorable. New business offers may be received.
profession- investment will be profitable and job success and transfer sum.
Education- There will be an inclination towards unique and creative works. Academic level will be better.
Health- There may be problems of feet and headache. Insomnia and fatigue may occur.
Love- There is a possibility of ideological differences with the partner. Try to avoid love proposals.
What to do– Worship Shri Ganesh ji.

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Time can force you to do unwanted things. Do not try to impose ideas on others, and keep behavior under control, otherwise there is a fear of being insulted. On Tuesday and Wednesday, income will be received and cooperation will also be available. The work will be done on time. Jupiter and Friday will move towards some such works which are condemnable in the society. There will be a lack of income and there will be a loss of time. Saturday will be a good day.
profession- Avoid investment completely and work carefully in the job.
Education- Due to frequent changes in pre-planned programs, it is possible to deviate from the target. Prepare for every situation in advance.
Health- There may be semen and blood related problems. Mouth ulcers are also possible.
Love- The neglectful behavior of the partner can cause worry. Avoid any kind of dispute with friends.
What to do- Worship the darshan of Shri Mahakali.

gemini and cancer


Time will be full of ups and downs. There is a possibility of unexpected gains from the fifth moon in the beginning. In the middle of the week, there can be a possibility of some big expenditure, but there will be possibilities of improvement again in the weekend and the time will be good. There will be news of happiness. There will be victory in disputes. The work will be completed easily. Politicians may gain office. Sudden travel yoga can also be made. Friends meeting on Saturday.
profession- Do not let anyone interfere in the internal affairs of the business. There is a chance of advancement in the job.
Education- Be apprehensive and aware of change. The results are looking good.
Health- You will feel physical and mental fatigue and there is a possibility of pain in the paws.
Love- Chances of getting success in love proposals are less. You will get support from your spouse.
What to do- Worship the darshan of Shri Radhakrishna ji.

leo and virgo


The week will pass peacefully and happily. There will be no problems of any kind and the current problems will also be solved. By helping someone, you will attain inner peace. Work will be completed at a fast pace and work will be done on new plans. Time is perfect. You will get support from children. The side will be strong in court cases. Take necessary precautions on Friday and Saturday. Do not sign the papers without reading them. Will get a chance to be with family.

profession- Investment will be profitable. Officers will be favorable in the job and new responsibilities will be achieved.
Education- You will get a chance to go to non-academic social activities and the display of talent will be great.
Health- External and untimely eating habits can cause problems. Vomiting and diarrhea can be a problem.
Love- Virgins will get marriage proposals and will get success in love.
What to do- Have darshan of Shri Gaurishankar.


You will get the benefit of avoiding inconveniences. Modern resources will be available and vehicle happiness will also be available. Good news will also be received from abroad. You will get a chance to do auspicious works and there will be expenditure in religious works. The dominance of politicians will increase, and women can also gain positions in institutions. There will be unnecessary worries on Thursday and Friday and there will be trouble with household appliances. Saturday will be a good day.
profession- Business will be profitable and you will get success. Work will definitely be done with slight concern in the job.
Education- Personal problems can become a hindrance in education. You will be able to prove yourself by merit.
Health- There may be knee and skin problems. There is also a possibility of stomach upset.
Love- Give importance to the thoughts of life partner and it is time to pay attention to his health too. You can get good news.
What to do- Wealth worship of shivling And visit.


It is going to provide auspicious results for the people associated with the government. There will be an increase in dominance and your own performance will also improve. Confidence will increase and you will get success. Opponents will be defeated. New auspicious work can be completed. There may be slight tension on Mercury and Thursday. There will be no mind in work and there will be a disinterested nature. Friday will be a good day. With luck, there will be money gains on Saturday.
profession- Good luck for those working in administration. It is also a good time for those doing work related to electricity, fire, petrol, appliances.
Education- The effect will increase and you will get the power to memorize soon. will be successful in achieving the goal.
Health- There will be benefit in chronic diseases and problems related to eyes and blood will increase.
Love- It will be fine to stay away from matters like love etc. There will be encouragement by life partner.
What to do- Worship the darshan of Srikuldevi.

horoscope sagittarius


Transit of the moon, there will be speed in the stalled works. Opponents will soften and get money will be easy. There will also be cooperation. There may be sadness on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be delay in the work and the co-workers will back down. Plans may fail. Expenses will be high. Will work again on time from Friday. The plans will be successful and there will be a chance of going on a journey on Saturday.
profession- Those who trade in gems, chemicals, gunpowder, channa, rice, coal will benefit. There will be minor problems in the job.
Education- Performance will continue to improve. There will be relatively less cooperation from colleagues.
Health- There may be a problem of sleepiness. There will be no interest in laziness and work.
Love- Frustration will be removed by meeting a new partner and happiness will be achieved in married life.
What to do- Have darshan of Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman ji.


Today and tomorrow can be confusing. You will get ridicule from acquaintances. Work can be condemned. Income will also be less. Improvement will be visible on Tuesday evening. You will get happy news. Opponents will back down. There will be ease in work. Caution will avert bad luck. Money will be received on Wednesday and Thursday. Cooperation will come and those who oppose will back down. The plans will be successful. Venus and Saturday will be good. You will get family support and you will get money.
profession- Benefits for those in clothing, oil, weapons, entertainment, plastics. Tension with the officers in the job.
Education- Cooperation with teachers and achieving best results in practical education.
Health- There may be biliary diseases. There is also a possibility of pain in the abdomen and back.
Love- There is a possibility of getting disconnected in love. There is a possibility of staying away in married life as well.
What to do- Have darshan of Shri Chhinnamasta Mata.

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It will be easy to get money and some unexpected good deeds can happen. The yoga of going on a journey can also be made. Will be successful in resolving old matters. In the middle of the week, there can be opportunities to get involved in disputes. There will be an excess of expenditure and unnecessary stress may also remain. There can be sudden happy news at the end of the week. New business plans will be made and there is also the possibility of traveling. Money will also be there.
profession- Traders of grains, spices, worship materials, aromatic substances and precious metals will benefit. There will be normal conditions in the job.
Education- Study with your own power and you will get success only in a few efforts.
Health- There may be pain in the heels and knees. There is also a possibility of problems in the waist.
Love- You will get a chance to spend time with your partner and virgins will get marriage proposals.
What to do- Worship Bhairav ​​Maharaj.

horoscope aquarius


You will feel relief in the beginning of the week. Many will spend time in making bad work and will be successful in persuading the ruthless. There will be a lack of money due to Jupiter and the Moon on Friday. There will be tension. Cooperation will not be available. There may also be disputes. Don’t make important decisions. Financial strength will also become stronger in Saturday. You will get support from children and you will get victory in disputed matters.
profession- Businesses of vehicles, grocery, iron and modern furnishings will remain in profit and stress in the job will be reduced.
Education-Will have passion for studies and will be excellent in class. Will be successful in the test.
Health- Health will improve and there may be minor problems in the teeth.
Love- There can be misunderstanding in love matters. Married will be full of sweetness.
What to do- Have darshan of Shri Shakambhari Mata.


On Monday and Tuesday, dominance will increase and new ideas will arise. Anger can also increase, so it is necessary to control it. Opportunities for sudden gains will be available and the hurdles in going abroad will end. There may be problems in the matter of transactions on Mercury and Thursday also Venus and Saturday. There may be loss of money.
profession- Investment in land can be beneficial. There will be progress and respect in the job.
Education- This is the best time for those pursuing law, decoration and management education. The rest will have to work hard.
Health- There may be complaints of blood pressure and sugar. Depression can cause knee pain.
Love- There can be tension between partners, and there can be tension in married life too.
What to do- Worship Lord Ganesha.

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