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The month of September is going on and Indra Dev is also kind. The Sensex has remained volatile and the festive season has also arrived. At such a time, what is going to affect your family, health, business, education etc., it is probably also in your mind. So let us tell you how the coming week is going to be for different zodiac signs.

You can also know the future things told by Ujjain’s Pandit and astrologer Manish Sharma according to your zodiac sign. So let us tell you how the coming week will be for every zodiac sign.


Moon is in the eighth house of Aries and it suggests that there may be problems related to income in the beginning of the week. There may also be delays in work and you may have trouble somewhere. There will be improvement from Tuesday afternoon and the situation will again turn in favor from Wednesday. Income will increase and may be attracted towards some other work, which should not be done. Brace yourself and you will be blessed with luck on Friday. Cooperation will be received and income will improve. Family will get support on Saturday and will move towards the right path.

Profession – Be careful at the place of job and do not make verbal agreements even in business.

Education – There can be impurity in thoughts. Respect teachers and focus on studies.

Health- There is a possibility of pain in the waist and shoulders. Be careful on the stairs.

Love – The focus will be on the goal more than love and married life will be simple.

What to do – Give respect to the elderly at home and outside and help as much as possible.

horoscope mesh sepi

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You will become powerful from the point of view of the Moon and the economic base will also be strong. There is a situation to receive profit in the form of an asset immediately. Income will be better and cooperation will also be received. The expected work can be proved. After Tuesday afternoon, there may be loss of control from speech and self-harm can also happen in stubbornness or haste. There will be excess expenditure and there will be non-cooperation. From Friday afternoon, the time will be on the side again. Stuck money can be recovered and there is a possibility of getting support on Saturday.

Profession- Avoid haste and stay in the workplace with some firm intentions.

Education- Will be successful in showing ability in the class and will make the results favorable.

Health- Oversleepiness and laziness will disturb you. Anger also has to be avoided.

You may be ready to do risky actions to show love to your partner, avoid it.

What to do – To elder brother or sister, if not, then give a gift to an elder in the cousin.


In the beginning of the week, it can be difficult for essential commodities and money. The mind will not be happy and opponents will try to dominate. Secrets may leak and rest will come from Tuesday afternoon. There will be speed in the work and money will also be received. The situation will again become unstable from Friday. There will be no speed in work and it is possible to get bad news. There will be a breakdown in relations with partners and family will also not provide support. There will be unnecessary expenses and tension will also remain. Plans will give opposite results.

Profession- Do not try to take advantage of the influence otherwise. Business expansion plan will be prepared.

Education- Normal result is expected in class results. The hard work has to increase.

health- stomach and back pain is likely to. Women may have more problems.

If you are searching for a love partner, then the search will be completed and there will be peace in married life.

What to do- Arrange water for the animals and birds or donate the umbrella of the elderly.

horoscope cancer sepi


Your zodiac sign is in a better position than usual and there are chances of some big work being done by Tuesday. The inflow of money is going to be strong and you will be able to get work out of others according to your desire. You will get support from children and you can get success in court work. There may be obstacles on Mercury and Thursday. There may be unnecessary delays and expenses. Disputes can also happen and there are chances of sudden monetary gains at the end of the week. Saturday will be a good day and there will be a chance to meet a reputed person.

Profession- Job responsibilities will increase and may have to travel for business.

Education- Attention can be distracted from studies and plans will be made to go on picnics etc. with friends.

Health- Walk carefully on the stairs etc. and be careful in using the vehicle.

love love and married life Communication gap can cause problems.

What to do – Offer food or fruits to girls between the age of three to nine years.

horoscope singh sepi


Leo sign people may face financial crunch in the beginning of the week. There will be no mind in the work and the concern of the child will remain. From Tuesday, the situation will become favorable again and this time will give you success. Income will increase and children will get happiness. Domination will increase and opponents will retreat. There is a possibility of some special benefits on Venus and Saturday. Time will be spent with family. There will also be unknown fear and anxiety. Please read the required papers thoroughly before signing.

Profession – If you work by dividing the responsibilities, you will be successful soon and there will be a better week for the professionals.

Education- Avoid showing off and may have to support classmates. Teachers will be friendly.

Health- You may suffer from colds and allergies, avoid dust.

Love- Normal time will be spent in love. You will get a chance to go on excursion with your life partner.

What to do – Honor the parents and give gifts.


This will be the time for you to achieve some great achievement and will get respect from colleagues. The scope of work will expand and you will get a chance to do your favorite work. There will be a chance to get praise and you can get the support of brother and sister. The achievement of children will give happiness and there will be chances of increase in wealth. The pace of work will be less on Mercury and Thursday but there will be no loss. Plans will also be successful and income will also increase. The day of Venus and Saturday is also going to be good. You will also get success and you will also get cooperation in every work.

Profession- Work will increase in the job and may have to go out for business.

Education- There may be more inclination towards modern education. Try to do better within your limits.

Health- There may be a problem of injury or peeling in the toes.

Love- There will be problem of excessive sleep and laziness, there will be distaste for food.

What to do- Try to give bread, grains and fodder to cow, bird, dog.


Attempts can be made by opponents to distract from the target and one needs to be careful. If you move forward with faith, there will be no obstacle. Family support will also be available and Mercury and Thursday will be the days of success of most important works. Help will be readily available. Plans will be successful and there will be an increase in might. Income will remain better than normal and problems will end. There may be minor problems on Venus and Saturday. Income will be less and worries may surround you. An old issue may arise.

Profession- Time can be troublesome, but work can be successful and there are chances of promotion.

Education- You will get the fruits of extra hard work and you will get good results.

Health- mental stress There will be more and there may be problems in the eyes.

Love- Excess of love can disturb the partner. There will be marital satisfaction.

What to do – Serve and respect the elderly, feed cow’s fodder.

horoscope dhanu sepi


The transit of Moon is maintaining the sum of wealth. This time is going to be favorable in all respects. There will be cooperation from all sides and good news will be received. There will be victory in disputes and opponents will remain calm. From the afternoon of Tuesday to Friday morning, there will be a chance to stay with the family and the issue of ancestral property can also be resolved. You will also get support from children. The position of the political person is the sum of profit. Power will be best on Venus and Saturday. Success will be achieved in work and the inflow of money will be normal.

Profession – You can get a big offer in the job and business is the sum of profitable travel.

Education – There will be excellent valor and intellect will be developed.

Health- There may be pain in the left leg, there is also a fear of injury to the foot.

Love- Matters can get entangled in love. There is also the possibility of getting angry with life partner over something.

What to do- Make arrangements for grain water for the helpless silent animals and birds.

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In the beginning of the week, there can be some difficult times due to the twelfth of the moon. Income will be less and problems will be more. There will be unnecessary delay in work. From Tuesday everything will be fine, worries will end and income will increase. The mind will be happy and the work will be successful. You can remain overconfident on Thursday, but a little handling will be required. The end of the week will improve the situation in money matters and there is a possibility of getting the stalled money. The much-awaited work can be successful on Saturday.

Profession- Business secrets can be revealed. There will be more stress in the job.

Education – There will be cooperation of friends and there will be interest in studies. Teachers will be friendly.

Health- You will experience mental stress and extreme fatigue.

The support of love-partner will provide strength. There will be disruption in marriage proposals.

What to do – Offer drinking water and grains to the birds.


Every day of the week is going to give you income and the income will only increase. Luck will also remain favorable and opponents will not be able to do anything except keep quiet. There will be success in every work. At the end of the week, when the Moon enters the zodiac, Saturn-Moon together will make a strong beneficial yoga. There will be cooperation from the royal side and there will be an increase in monetary gains. Obstacles coming in government work will end.

Profession – Increase in business and officers will be favorable in job, promotion is possible.

Education – There will be more interest in research than study and there will be a desire to know the subjects in depth.

Health- Old diseases will improve and there will be mental peace, tribulations will end.

Love – There will be a meeting in love, you will be positive and there will be a feeling of respect towards your partner.

What to do – Give flour to the ants and make arrangements to feed the birds as well.

horoscope meaning sepi


In the beginning of the week, there will be more work and income will also remain good. Support will be received from father and opponents will remain calm. You will achieve great success in the workplace. Due to the favorable Moon in Mars and Wednesday, there will be no shortage of money and the work will continue at the earlier pace. There is also the possibility of getting stuck money. There will be an unfavorable atmosphere from Friday morning. There may be a decline in income and there will be a hindrance in work. Allies will back down and plans may fail. There may also be problems in travel.

Profession – There will be cooperation of seniors at work place and new plans will come in business.

Education – You will get victory in competitions and will be secretly aware of studies.

Health- There is a fear of getting hurt in the mouth and there may be trouble in the eyes as well, there will be pain in the back.

Love- Emotional relationships will improve and may have to stay away from marital partner.

What to do – Help the helpless and poor children according to their ability with money and respect the elderly.


Intellectual ability will also increase with confidence. There will be interest in work and luck will support and travel will be pleasant. Income will remain good and there may be a sudden increase in work on Tuesday. The mind will be happy and the inflow of money will also increase. There will be cooperation from children. On Wednesday, the day will be spent in religious work. Thursday will also be a busy day. On Venus and Saturday, the arrival of money will increase. There will be victory in disputes and there will be success from all sides.

Profession – Good offers will be given to jobs and businessmen.

Education – You will get a chance to learn and understand new things, you will get to do multiple tasks.

Health- There may be problems in the eyes and headache. Insomnia will bother you.

Love- Tension may arise in love, marriage proposals will be available. Children will remain with you.

What to do – Donate fruits to children below the age of ten.

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