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Today is the rising date of Shravan Krishna Paksha, Trayodashi and Friday. Trayodashi date will remain till 6.28 pm today. There will be Vajra Yoga till 1.10 am late tonight. Along with this, doing the whole day for the whole night, tomorrow morning till 8.16 minutes there will be Punarvasu Nakshatra. Apart from this, starting from 6.29 pm today, the Bhadra of the earth will remain till 6.50 am tomorrow morning. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how your coming day will be, and how you can make your day better.


Today will meet an old friend. Will also make a plan to hang out with them somewhere. With the support of your father, some of your important work will be completed today. There are signs of getting some good news by evening. Today you will get many opportunities for monetary gains. Students of this zodiac will get positive results in studies. Your interest in social work will increase. Your prestige will also increase.


Today will be a day of progress in the field. You will go on a trip to another city for a business deal. Today your behavior with everyone will be better. Those doing private jobs of this zodiac will get full support of seniors. Court- In any court case, the decision will come in your favor today. Your interest in religious work will increase. There will be a chance to visit a religious place with family members.


mithun rahsi

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mithun rashi

Today you will be full of new energy for the whole day. Today it will take the least time to complete every task. There will be an opportunity to meet people. You will spend happy moments with your spouse. People with government jobs will get full contribution from their colleagues.


Today there is a possibility of an argument with a friend in the workplace. You should control your words while speaking. Today will be a day of fame for people associated with the field of music. You will get a big platform for performance. Today will be a successful day for students preparing for competitive examinations. You will get the support of a big professor There will be a situation like ups and downs in health.

Leo sun sign

singh rashi

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singh rashi

Today you are going to get the benefit of some old identity in the workplace. All your work will be completed easily. You will get the support of brother and sister at home. Your progress in career is sure. Unmarried people of this zodiac will get marriage proposal. New avenues of employment will open for the youth. You will get a call for a job from a private company. Today your confidence will be stronger than before. You will make a plan to do some new work.

Virgo sun sign

Today you will get some good news related to children. Today is going to be a great day for lovemate. You will get a gift from your partner. Today a new deal will be finalized by property dealers of this zodiac. You can also have partnership with a big business group. Which will benefit you a lot in future. Your mother’s health will improve today. All your worries will be removed as well as all your needs will be fulfilled.


tula rashi

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tula rashi

Today some people will take help from you in the office. Whatever work you start, it will be completed easily. Today you should avoid lending money to anyone without thinking. There will be ups and downs in married life. Will share my mind with you today. If you are troubled by eye related problems for a few days, then today you will get rid of it. All problems will be solved.


Today is a good day to start any organization related to the society. This will increase your prestige in the society. The work stuck in government offices will be completed easily today. There is full hope of getting the support of a big officer. Day for women Will be better You will get full support from family members. Today you will go to meet him at a friend’s house. Children will help you in the work.


dhanu rashi

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dhanu rashi

You will get an opportunity to hone your hidden talents. Your creativity will be appreciated everywhere. Today has brought sweetness in relationships for Lovemate. It will be beneficial for you to be active on social media today. You will actively participate in the politics of the country. Today parents will be able to fulfill any wish of their children. You will get some new source of income. The day will be good in terms of health.


The solution to the problem which has been going on for a few days will come out easily today. You will get the support of people in the workplace. . You should avoid lending money to anyone. Also, if you are going outside the house for any important work, then keep your full confidence.


kumbh rashi

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kumbh rashi

Today you will get a chance to spend more and more time with family members. Today will be a profitable day for the book sellers of this zodiac. Today your sales will be more. People associated with the political field need to maintain a good image in the society. You will definitely get the benefit of this in the coming time. Youngsters who are looking for jobs, today there is a possibility of getting a job at a good place.


Today you will take some time to complete the work in the workplace. You will have to try to get the support of friends. Today you will get a chance to participate in any social event. Will also be there. Before taking any step in matters of money, check thoroughly. Today will spend time with children and family members.


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