Vidur Niti In Hindi: Give up these 6 habits for a happy life – Vidur Niti: Give up these 6 habits for a happy life

Vidur Niti In Hindi: Vidur’s policies are quite prevalent in today’s time. Their policies prove to be effective at many points of life. Mahatma Vidur Maharaj was the brother and general minister of Dhritarashtra. The main points of discussion between Dhritarashtra and Vidura before the Mahabharata war are known as Vidura Niti. Many sources related to life management have been given in this policy. Know which 6 such habits have been told in Vidur Niti for a happy life which a person should leave immediately. According to Vidur, having these 6 habits reduces the life of a person.

Atimano-atimavadashcha tatyago naradhipa.
Krodshchatmaviditsa cha frienddroshsch tani shat..
It is evasayastikshana: krantanyayunshi dehinam.
Etani manavan ghnanti na mrityarbhadramastu te.

First Habit: Vidur says that one should never be too arrogant. A man who praises himself all the time and considers himself wiser than others is arrogant. The world does not like such people and this habit shortens the life of any person.

Second habit: One should speak short and precise. Those who speak too much and in vain, unknowingly sometimes say such things, due to which they have to face trouble later. This habit has a bad effect on the life of a person and such a person can never be happy.

Third Habit: It is normal to get angry but getting angry too much is not right. In anger, a person sometimes does such things, which in the end harms him. It is also not good for health. That’s why Mahatma Vidur says that those who are more angry, their life span shortens.

Fourth Habit: If you want happiness and peace in life, then you should have the spirit of sacrifice and dedication. The lack of sacrifice and belonging also shortens the life of a person. Such a person is always sad.

Fifth Habit: It is considered a great sin to deceive your friends. If you deceive someone who blindly trusts you, it only hurts you. Due to this also the lifespan of humans is reduced.

Sixth Habit: Lust never lets happiness stay. Greedy person is always upset. Such a person commits some sin or the other. This habit shortens the life of a person.

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