Vat Purnima 2021: Vat Savitri Vrat 2021 on June 24, know its importance, worship method, Muhurat and story

Vat Purnima 2021 Puja Vidhi, Significance, Muhurat, Katha: There is also a tradition of worshiping Vat Savitri fast on the day of Jyestha Purnima. This festival is mainly celebrated in many areas of South India including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa. This year the fast of Vat Purnima will be observed on Thursday, June 24. Married women keep this fast for the long life of their husbands and worship the banyan tree. Know the worship method, importance, muhurta and story of fasting…

Worship method and Muhurta of Vat Purnima Vrat: Purnima Tithi will start on June 24 at 3.32 AM and will end on June 25 at 12.09 AM. On this day women wear yellow clothes. They worship by placing the idols of Satyavan, Savitri and Yamraj on the banyan tree. According to tradition, wrapping a white thread on a banyan tree makes seven rounds. Then, taking black gram in her hand, listens to the story of the fast and prays to Yamraj for her husband’s long life.

Importance: In Hinduism, the full moon date of Jyeshtha month is considered very special. According to mythological beliefs, on this day Satyavan, the husband of Savitri, was given life under the Vat tree, hence this day is known as Vat Purnima. Married women observe this fast for the long life of their husbands. The place of Jyeshtha Purnima comes in 7 special full moons.

Story: According to the popular story of Vat Savitri Vrat, Savitri was the only child of Rajrishi Ashwapati. Savitri chose Satyavan as her husband. But when Narada told him that Satyavan was short-lived, Savitri did not change her decision. Savitri left Rajvaibhav and started living in the forest with her husband Satyavan and their family. Satyavan was the son of Vanvasi King Dyumtsen. On the day Satyavan was the day of his great death, he went to the forest to cut wood. There he fainted and fell on the ground. At that time Yamraj came to take Satyavan’s life. Savitri, who had been fasting for three days, knew that moment, Savitri prayed to Yamraj not to take her husband’s life. But Yamraj did not listen to him. Then Savitri also started following him. Savitri remained adamant on her insistence even after Yamraj refused several times. Yamraj was pleased with this courage and sacrifice of Savitri and asked her to ask for any three boons.

Savitri as a boon first asked for the light of eyes of Satyavan’s blind parents, then asked for their snatched kingdom and in the third boon asked for the boon of becoming the mother of 100 sons for herself. Yamraj said aastu and he understood that it is no longer possible to take Savitri’s husband along. So he blessed Savitri with unbroken good fortune and gave life to her husband. When all this happened, at that time Savitri was sitting under the banyan tree with her husband. Therefore, on this day, women worship the Vat tree, wishing for happiness, prosperity and longevity of their life partner.

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