Shani Line in Hand Jyotish: Saturn line of the hand tells about your money life or financial condtion

Palmistry Shani Line Prediction: According to astrology, the person of justice, Shani Dev, who is kind to him, makes a lot of progress in his life. That is, if Saturn is in a strong position in your horoscope, then you get full support of your luck. Whether or not you have an auspicious sight of Shani can be ascertained by looking at the Shani mountain and Saturn line in the palm. Learn…

The Saturn line starts from Manibandhi and reaches Mount Shani directly. Saturn mountain is at the place under the middle finger of the hand. If the Saturn line reaches the Shani mountain directly without any obstruction, then no one can stop such a person from being successful. These people achieve a very good place in life through their hard work. If this line is not cut off from anywhere and is visible very clearly, then the person earns a lot of money in his life.

According to palmistry, if the Saturn line is zigzag and light, then a person has to work hard to get success in any field. Such people rarely get any chance of luck. If a line comes out from the wrist of the hand and stops before going to Saturn mountain, then the person has to face many problems in the job. Know from Jaya Kishori who is the one who can make you happiest

If there is a mole on Mount Shani in the palm, then there is no shortage of money and grain in the life of such a person. According to palmistry, if the finger in the place of Saturn is long, then such people are of a religious tendency, are also honest about their career and find new heights.

According to palmistry, if the lines on the Shani mountain in the palm of your hand are severed, then it is considered to be the state of Saturn. The deterioration of the life line or the formation of a network of lines gathered in the palm also signifies the condition of Saturn. Such people remain upset due to some reason in their life. Good news for 3 people, they will soon get rid of Saturn’s wrath

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