Gangaur Vrat 2021 Date, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Katha: Gangaur Puja will be held on 15 April, know Gangaur puja Vidhi, Samagri, Muhurat, Katha – Gangaur Vrat 2021 Date, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Katha: How to do Gangaur fast, know What is worship method, rules, fast story and aarti

Gangaur Vrat 2021 Date, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Samagri, Katha, Aarti: Gangaur festival is celebrated on Tritiya Tithi of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. The people of Rajasthan mainly celebrate this festival. Along with this, Gangaur fast is observed in some areas in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat. This time this puja is on 15 April. This fast is observed by keeping a secret from the husband. Gangaur Puja starts from the day of Holi and lasts for 18 days.

Gangaur Puja Material: Clean patra, kalash, black clay, ashika of dung, cow dung or earthenware, honeycomb (mehndi, bindi, sindoor, kajal, perfume), pure ghee, lamp, pot, kumkum, intact, fresh flowers, mango Leaf, coconut, betel nut, water-filled urn, Gangaur cloths, wheat, bamboo baskets, chunri, halwa, suhaag items, kauri, coins, ghevar, silver ring, puri etc.

Gangaur 2021 auspicious time: Gangaur Puja lasts for 18 days. Some people offer prayers on its last day. Gangaur fast is also known as Gauri Teej or Saubhagya Teej in many places. This fast is observed on Tritiya Tithi of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. This date has started at 12:47 PM on 14 April and will end on 15 April at 03:27 PM.

Gangaur Puja Vidhi: Suhagini fasts till noon on this day. Offer beautiful clothes to Shiva-Gauri at the time of worship. Offer the items of complete beauty to Goddess Parvati. Offer worship using sandalwood, akshat, incense, lamp, coach and flower. On this day fruits, puris, wheat are offered to Gangaur Mata. Take a large plate, put silver ring and betel nut in it and prepare water, milk, curd, turmeric, kumkum in it and prepare suhagajal. Sprinkle this water on Gangaur before taking water in both hands, then women should sprinkle that water on them as a symbol of honey. Finally listen to the story of Gangaur Mata by offering it to Goddess. Prasad offered at Gangaur is not offered to men. The women who fill the vermilion are offered to Goddess Parvati on this day. Gangaur fast is kept for long life of husband, know its full story

On this day, Gangaur Mata is decorated and immersed in a cradle, taking out a procession. It is believed that where Gauriji is established, he becomes his maternal uncle and the place where immersion takes place. In the auspicious time in the evening, Gangaur is watered and immersed in a holy lake or pool. On this day, unmarried girls and married women worship twice. In the second time puja, married women keep a choliya, in which papdis or gunas are kept. After immersing Gangaur, five homeless songs are sung at home.

Aarti of Mata Parvati:

Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata
Brahma Sanatan Devi is the bestower of auspicious results.
Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

Arikul Padma Vinasani Jai Sevak Trata

Jag jeevan jagadamba sings Harihar virtue.

Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

Singh has a vehicle with a coil

Dev bride who danced to gavat.

Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

Satyuga Sheel Susundar Naam is called Sati

Hemanchal home-born Sakhiyan Rangrata.

Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

Shumbha Nishumbh Vidare Hemanchal Syata

Sahas Bhuja Tanu Dhrikke Chakra Leo Hatha.

Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

Creating beauty with Shiva

Nandi Bhringi Bean Lahi Sara Madamata.

Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

Devan arj karat hum laat chit

Gawat de clai clap in mind.

Jai Parvati Mata Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

Whoever sings of Shri Pratap Aarti Maiya

Always be happy, you will get happiness and wealth.

Jai Parvati Mata Maiya Jai ​​Parvati Mata.

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