Jaya Kishori become popular from katha and bhajans know now what Jaya Kishori wants to do in life

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Jaya Kishori Future Plan: Jaya Kishori, who started her spiritual journey with hymns, is today known for her stories, hymns as well as motive speech. Jaya Kishori keeps sharing some inspiring things with people through social platforms. Jaya Kishori does not consider herself a saint or saint. She has told in many interviews that she is like a common girl who will also get married but will never leave her spiritual journey. Jaya Kishori told during an interview that what she wants to do in future…

In an interview given to mypencildotcom magazine, when the teenager was asked what she wanted to do in the coming 10 years, what is her future planning? Jaya Kishori, responding to this, says that I have not yet decided on what I need to do next. But yes, the one thing I want to do is to complete my motivational session. Which I just started 2 to 3 years ago. In this I have to reach a position. However, I have not done so many events on this so that I can get a review of the people. To get a chance to know what problems people are having or whether they are even helping me with my words.

Jaya Kishori further says that the Motivational Session Project is currently at the top for me which I have to complete. The second number is the Spiritual session. In my view, the best motive speaker in the world is Lord Krishna and the best motive speech is Bhagwat Geeta. Everything has come out from here. In all the books I have read, the same things revolve around what is said in the Bhagavad Gita. As a Motivational I want to add a spiritual touch to everyone’s life. This is my plan for the next 5 to 6 years.

According to the information, when Jaya Kishori was 9 years old, she had memorized all the sources like Lingashtakam, Shiva Tandava Stroth, Ramashtakam in Sanskrit and started singing them. Born in the year 1996, Jaya Kishori has done more than 350 hundred stories till now.

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