Astrology Tips On Saturday For Prosperity Health Wealth Shani Dev Shani Dev Upay – By taking these measures on Saturday, luck will open, money will gain, know what is the recognition

Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani. Devotees take all kinds of measures to please Shani, the god of justice and punishment. But worshiping them on Saturday gives special results. It is said about Shanidev that whosoever falls on his eyesight, he gets an apocalypse. The zodiac signs of which Saturn’s half-and-half and dhaiyya are going on, they should especially worship on this day to please Shani Dev.

Whatever Shani Dev pleases, fills his house with money. At the same time, when angry, the king also becomes a rake. So, these measures should be done on Saturday for happiness, peace, prosperity and the blessings of Lakshmi. This will not only create peace in the house, but also the blessings of Mother Lakshmi will remain at your house.

Do these remedies on Saturday:

Offer water to peepal: On Saturday, water, jaggery, sesame, ghee and milk should be mixed with iron and put on peepal. This brings happiness and prosperity in the home. According to astrologers, by doing this, Lakshmi comes to the house to live forever. Also it is advised that at least 40 Saturdays should do this remedy.

Correct Rahu-Ketu’s condition with this remedy: In any person’s horoscope, Rahu-Ketu’s condition is going bad. So it is believed that on Saturday, take a small black stone, immerse it in sesame oil and remove it on yourself 7 times and put this stone in a burning flame. At the same time, when it gets cold, burn it in a well, away from home. According to astrologers, Rahu-Ketu’s condition is cured by doing this. At the same time, all the planets also become calm.

This measure will bring prosperity in the house: For this, tie some gold and silver coins in a red cloth in a beautiful pottery in the north-west angle of the house on Saturday. Then fill the pot with wheat or rice. It is believed that by doing this there is no lack of money in the house.

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