Tricky Question and Answer: Know how to prepare for a job interview – Why do flies buzz on human body? Where is the country of only 27 people? Answer this interview

To get the job, it is necessary to qualify the written examination, but in many departments it is also necessary to pass the interview round after the written examination. Interview rounds are usually held at both government and private places. During the interview, your confidence, seriousness, behavior and personality etc. are tested. Your presence in the interview indicates that you have taken it seriously. In all these things, the art of understanding and answering your questions is also seen. So today we are telling you about some questions that have to be understood and answered. If you are able to understand these questions, then you will be able to answer these other questions easily. Because these questions can confuse you, but knowing the easy answers to them will force you to hold your head.

Question: If Red House is made of Red Bricks, Pink House… Pink Bricks, Blue House with Blue Bricks, and Black House with Black Bricks, then Greenhouses are made from?
Answer: The answer to this question is greenhouses are made of glass.

Question: What is yours but used by all others more than you?
Answer: Your name.

Question: Which is the only country where only 27 people live?
Answer: The name of this country is Sealand and it is located at a distance of about 10–12 km from the Safol beach in England. The entire area of ​​this country is equal to a tennis court and the population is just 27 people.

Question: What is the form of a woman? Whom everyone sees, but her husband can never see?
Answer: Form of widow.

Question: Which month of the year has 28 days?
Answer: There are 28 days in every month of the year, but there are only 28 days in the month of February.

Question: Why do flies buzz on human body?
Answer: Because our body releases coburn-dye oxide and mosquitoes and flies are attracted to Co2. Also, if you have flies buzzing on the human body due to natural oils and salts or a layer of dead skin cells.

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