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Although PSC is ready for the Class X public examination scheduled to be held in February, there is a lot of pressure to postpone it. The need to postpone the exam comes from various quarters as the Kovid spread is once again on the rise.

Although ready to take the exam, the PSC is concerned about the problems with getting the exam centers and the ambiguities related to the Covid patients writing the exam. The PSC has written to the government seeking permission to conduct the examination but has not yet received a reply. More than 15 lakh candidates are scheduled to appear for the public examination.

And when?

If it is not held in February, the general examination will surely last indefinitely. The exam cannot be held in March as the SSLC exam is going on. The state will be busy with assembly elections in April and May. In this case, the exam is likely to be held after June.

Important rank lists are canceled

Delay in public examination at SSLC level will also delay publication of major rank lists including LDC and Last Grade.

The current rank list of LD Clark posts will be canceled on April 1 and the last grade list on June 29. Under the current circumstances, it is certain that the new rank list will not be published the next day. Delay in Class X public examination will also affect Plus Two and undergraduate level general examinations.

There is currently no rank list for military posts such as civil police officer, fireman and sub-inspector. If the examination is delayed indefinitely, the publication of the new rank list will also be adversely affected.
English Summary: Kerala PSC 10th Level Preliminary Examination


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