Vidur Niti during this pandemic these 4 tips of mahatma vidur can help to make life happy better and easier

Vidur Niti for Happy Life: Mahatma Vidura is counted among the most sensible characters in the Mahabharata. Vidur, a knower of religion and policy, was born from the womb of a maid, so she did not have the rights to become a king. But this did not diminish his love for Hastinapur. He was always trying to teach knowledge of knowledge to Maharashtra Dhritarashtra. Vidur was considered so much more knowledgeable that even Pithama Bhishma used to consult Vidur before taking any necessary decision. In his policy book, Mahatma Vidur has mentioned many such things that people can easily overcome various situations of their lives by reading and understanding them.

‘Jealous disgusting twinkle: wrathful nityashdkit:.
Parabhagyopjivi cha shadte dukh bhagin:

Through this verse, Vidur wants to say that these six types of humans who are jealous, hateful, resentful, resentful, perpetually skeptical and living around others are always unhappy. Therefore, it should be avoided to make contact with people of these trends as much as possible.

‘Ashtou Guna: Purusham Deepayanti, Pragya Ch Kaulian Ch Dum: Srtun Ch.
Parakramashbhbhukshita f Danan as Shakti gratitude f. ‘

According to Mahatma Vidur, those who remember wisdom, nobility, self-control, wisdom, bravery, low speaking, charity, and others’ favors are more respected than others. Because of this people do not struggle with loneliness and their life is full of people.

‘Shad Dosha: Purushneeh Hatavya Bhootmikhata.
Nidra tandra bhay rage laziness longevity. ‘

According to Vidur, people have to get rid of the 6 doshas or demerits inside them – sleep, laziness, fear, anger, sleepiness and their habits of deliberately delaying an action. Those who give up their habits, they get success in their life and lead their life with ease and happiness.

‘Yertha: Female adjuster: Pramatpatiteshu f.
Yeh chanariye samasakta: survey te samshayam gataah. ‘

It is very important to have money to live a better life. Also, it is necessary to think where to use it. According to Vidur, it is not considered appropriate to give money in the hands of anyone without thinking. Through this verse, Mahatma Vidur says that woman, a person full of laziness, sinful and unrighteous man should avoid giving money.

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