jaya kishori family age wiki bio net worth husband know why jaya kishori said being with family is important according to ramayan

Jaya Kishori Thoughts: Jaya Kishori is a renowned motivational speaker, life management tips orator and narrator. He has millions of followers. She also has many followers on social media. His followers love his stories, themes and views on various subjects. It is said that Kishori ji also explains complex-to-complex topics so easily that a person can easily find a way to overcome the troubles in life.

One of these subjects is with the family. Jaya Kishori says that every person should live with their family. She says that with the ups and downs of life, the support, love and belonging that you can give your family, no one else can give. While narrating an episode of Ramayana on this subject, she explains the importance of family.

Starting the affair, she says that after conquering Ravana, Ravana tells Sri Rama that – ‘I am older than you, I had a lot of knowledge, I also had a gold Lanka, I can win you But the reason for my defeat was that in this war your brother Laxman was standing with you and my brother was against me.

Narrating this incident, Kishori ji says that even at the turning point of life, a person has to fight many big and small wars and in these he wins only those whose family stands with him. There is strength in unity. The person with whom his family supports can never lose life and its circumstances. Such a person definitely wins.

Explaining the importance of family, Kishori ji says that there is also a saying that ‘there would have been no story of cutting any tree, if there was no wood part behind the ax’. As long as the family does not go against you, you cannot be defeated. She further states that if this ideal is followed, no family members will be separated from each other.

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