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Vastu tips for money dhan laabh ke upay vastu shastra for increasing money

Vastu Tips for Money: Many times, despite the hard work, there are no chances of increasing wealth in people’s lives. In such a situation, the measures of Vastu Shastra are considered very effective. It is said in this scripture that by changing the energy of any place, there can be a change in the situation there. It is said that by doing the measures of getting wealth mentioned in Vastu Shastra, chances of getting wealth are made very soon. It is said that those who want to get money soon should take this remedy.

Everyone is familiar with how useful the broom is for the cleanliness of the house. But not only in cleaning but also in Vastu, broom is considered very important. The broom is considered a symbol of Lakshmi. According to Vastu Shastra, if some things are kept in mind while applying broom in the house, chances of bringing Barkat in the house increase.

Avoid the use of a broken broom: Many times, people also use the broken broom due to the busy time and neglect. Vastu has been described as inauspicious in the use of re-folding sticks. By doing this, the possibility of money gain increases.

Change broom on this day: Wherever you use the broom at home or office, if it has become old or broken, then the day is also fixed to replace it. According to Vastu, it is best to change the broom on Saturday. It is considered auspicious to use a new broom on this day.

Keeping a broom in this direction removes negativity: It is believed in Vastu Shastra that different types of yoga can be created by changing the energy. It is believed that by keeping the broom in a room in the west direction, the benefits of wealth are made. Also, to remove the negativity present in the house, it is also appropriate to keep the broom in this direction.

Avoid sweeping in the evening: Experts believe that it should be avoided to apply broom after sunset in the evening. It is said that Mother Laxmi gets angry due to sweeping in the evening. Please tell that Lakshmi ji is considered a very playful goddess. In such a situation, avoid applying broom in the evening for money and profit. If for any reason, you have to sweep in the evening or night, then at least do not take out the garbage at that time.

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