New Guidelines Issued For UP Board Exam 2021 – Government made big changes regarding UP Board Examination, now more than 800 students will not be able to sit at one center

– According to the new guideline, 36 square feet of area for each student to be decided

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Lucknow. The Uttar Pradesh government (Uttar Pradesh Sarkar) has released a new central assessment policy for the UP board exam to be held in the session 2020-21. According to this policy, no more than 800 students will be able to appear in one exam center in the UP board examination. Earlier, there was a limit to take 1200 students at each exam centers, but this time the government has reduced the number to 800 in view of Corona. According to the new rules, the number of more than 20 centers in Gorakhpur district is believed to increase. Last year 196 centers were created for board exams.

Now schools have to upload their basic resource information on the website. Points are set for each facility. Merit will be created with these marks. Examination centers will be decided on the basis of merit. Schools have set out to make merit. This time, due to the corona, the standards of center determination have also been changed. Keeping in mind the social distancing, the total number of allotted candidates in both shifts has been reduced to a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 800. Till now the number was 300 and 1200.

According to the new guideline, 36 square feet of space has been fixed for each student to sit. The government has instructed all the principals of the state to upload details of the resources available here. The schools which provide false information on the website will be excluded from the eligibility list of the examination center. Separate merit list of state, aided and non-funded schools will be prepared. There will be 20 marks for Inter level schools and 10 marks for High School level. If last year’s result is more than 90 percent, you will get 20 marks. To check the information, the district level team will go and check on the spot. Its report will also be uploaded on the website.

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