Cent Up Exams are essential for Matric and Intermediate Students of Bihar Board

Patna, JNN. The Bihar School Examination Board has made the Cent up exams compulsory for every Matric and Intermediate examinee. Candidates who do not appear in the Centup Examination will not be allowed to appear in the Main Examination.

Chairman of Bihar Vidyalaya Examination Committee Anand Kishore said, this year, question papers have been sent by the board for the matriculation and inter-center examination. Prior to this, the school administration used to prepare the question paper on its behalf and used to take the Centup exam. By taking the Centup exam on the board papers, the candidates will get an idea about the pattern of questions asked in the main examination.

95 percent students reached the St.up exam

Shrikant Sharma, Principal of Shastri Nagar High School, said, more than 95 percent of the students have registered attendance in the matriculation and inter-centup examination in the school.

The board asked for the result of the examination

The Bihar Board has not only sent question papers to schools this year, but has also sought the results of the students appearing in the Saintup exam. Students who do not succeed in the St.up exam will be denied the main exam (will not be allowed to appear in exams). After taking the St.up exam, the school administration will prepare the result and send it to the district education office. Result from District Education Office will be sent to Bihar School Examination Committee. By 24, all schools have to get the result of the Centup Examination.

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