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vidur niti on money and wealth do know these things for bringing money and mainting finance

Vidur Niti: In the third chapter of Vidur Niti, Maharaj Dhritarashtra says, O Vidur, you keep telling me about topics related to religion and meaning. I am not satisfied listening to these topics. So I want to know more about these topics.

Talking about religion and meaning, Vidur says that topics related to religion and artha i.e. money are very important for living worldly life. Therefore all worldly persons want to know about it. They believe that 4 things must be known about money. Vidur ji says –

Shrimangalat Prabhavati Pragalbhayat Sampravardhette.
Dakshyattu kurute moolam sanyam pratishtishthi.

The origin of Lakshmi comes from auspicious deeds – While explaining about the meaning, Vidur ji says that by performing auspicious deeds, Lakshmi is born. This means that the person who performs auspicious deeds such as Yajna, Havan, religious work, assistance to the poor, service to the needy and gives happiness to the unhappy person, he facilitates the path of wealth creation for himself. On such a person, there can be sum of arrival of money in the coming time.

Money increases with enthusiasm – Here Pragalbhata means talent. Vidur ji says that talent is the source of wealth. The person who wants to increase wealth in his life should think about the development of his talent. Such a person should continuously develop his talent. They say that wealth increases with the development of talent.

Wealth accumulates with cleverness – Vidur ji says that in order to accumulate wealth, it is very important that one should have cleverness. It is believed that there are many occasions in the society when money has to be spent, in such a smart person, by taking appropriate decisions for his money, he stops the money from being wasted which helps in accumulation of wealth.

Abstinence is necessary to keep money safe – It has been stated in the Vidur policy that money is protected by moderation. It is said that a person who is restrained spends money only when there is a great need. In such a situation, money is safe.

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