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Navratri 2020 Maa Durga Puja Aarti, Bhajan, Bhakti Songs, Thali: Listen these bhajan while doing puja of maa durga – Navratri Bhajan, Aarti, Bhakti Songs: Worship Goddess in Navratri with these Aarti and Bhajans

Navratri 2020 Maa Durga Aarti, Puja Bhajan, Bhakti Songs: Navratri is starting from October 17. During this time the atmosphere is filled with devotion. In such a situation, the devotees’ hearts are filled with joy with the hymns of Goddess Durga. Every devotee who believes in the Goddess during Navratri wants to hear such hymns of Mata Rani so that she can feel herself closer to Mata Rani.

Along with the hymns, during this time people recited and listened to the goddess’s aarti. Because it is believed that worship is done by Aarti and if the Aarti is misread, then the fruit of worship will not be received. Therefore it is very important that correct aarti is read. Recorded Aarti can be resorted to to remove the possibility of mistake.

‘Ambe tu hai Jagadambe Kali, Jai Durga Khappar wali. Sing your virtues Bharti, O Maiya Hum Sabe Utare Teri Aarti… ‘This Aarti of Mata Rani is very famous. This aarti is also very much liked among his devotees. It is said that Mata Mahakali is pleased with this Aarti.

The nine forms of Mata Rani are specially worshiped during Navratri. Hence most devotees do not remember the aarti of the nine goddesses. While it is said in the scriptures that any goddess who is worshiped or fasted must perform aarti only then his worship is considered to be done. Therefore, after worshiping the nine goddesses, they should also perform aarti.

The hymns in aarti and devotion resemble icing on gold. During Navratri, everyone wants to listen to the hymns that please the mind of Mother Rani for hours. So that there is devotion too, keep meditating in Mata Rani and do not feel boredom with entertaining music. In such a situation, the collection of famous hymns of Mata Rani is very much liked.

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