Navratri 2020 Apart from onion and garlic these things are also considered vindictive do not consume in 9 days – Navratri 2020: Apart from onion and garlic, these things are also considered vindictive, do not consume in 9 days

Sharadiya Navratri 2020: In the year 2020, Shardiya Navaratri will start from 17 October. Mother Durga is worshiped during this festival lasting nine days. Many devotees keep fast in these nine days, then some stop consuming onion-garlic and meat-liqueur. However, the devotees who observe the fast are advised to take a satvik diet in order to avoid lack of energy. But during this time many rules and laws have also been made for the vratis. At the same time, apart from onion-garlic, there are some things that are not allowed to eat between these 9 days. Let’s know what are these 5 things –

These things are vindictive:

Meat, fish, narcotics / narcotics
Canned food items
Stale food
Mustard greens
onion garlic

Use them in satvik food: Under this, devotees can consume all kinds of lentils and whole grains during the 9 days of Navratri. Apart from this, use of milk and products made from it can also be observed. All kinds of vegetables can also be included in your diet. These devotees can also eat fruits and dry fruits from the first day to the Navami.

Why satvik food is important: People are often advised to eat satvik food during Navratras. The root word of the word satvik is ‘satva’. It simply means natural, pure and full of energy. Eating satvik not only improves digestion, but it also purifies the body and brings peace to the mind.

People are used to make fruits, vegetables, vegetarian diet like coriander, coriander, rock salt and spices like black pepper. People eat satvik food from religious beliefs in Navratri, along with some scientific reasons have also been given behind it. It is said that due to the fall of Navaratri in the autumn, there is a risk of a change in the health of the weather. In such a situation, health is better by eating satvik food.

Let us know that the Navratri, which starts from October 17, will conclude with Vijay Dashami on October 25. This year Navratri will be 8 days only.

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