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2020-10-29 22:33:43 | 30 October 2020, Today friday, aaj ka horoscope in hindi daily astrology today with numerology & ank jyotish

Today, Chaturdashi date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month …

Today, the date of 2020 is October 30, the day of Friday friday. Venus has the status of a guru of the demons i.e. Daityaguru. In astrology, Venus is considered a factor of luck. Their gem is diamond. The causal goddess of this day is Lakshmi, the mother goddess of wealth, while on this day there is also a law to worship Santoshi Mata.

Today’s Special: Today’s Special 30 October 2020 …
Today is the Chaturdashi date (again full moon till 05:45 PM) and the day of Friday (30 October 2020, friday) of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. On this day Revati Nakshatra (again Ashwini till 02:57 PM) will be there.

Auspicious time of 30 October 2020…
: Abhijit Muhurta: 11:19 AM to 12:04 PM
: Nectar time: 06:39 AM to 08:26 AM
: Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga: 12:00 PM to 06:05 AM October 30
: Ravi Yoga: 12:00 PM to 06:05 AM October 30

Inauspicious time of 30 October 2020…
: Kantak – From 12:48:51 to 13:33:44
: Rahukkal – from 10:17:20 to 11:41:31

Know according to Pt. Shyamnarayan Vyas Almanac How will your day be today, 30 October 2020 according to the rules…

Today’s horoscope: Today Rashifal – 30 October 2020, friday …

1. Aries –
Social domination will increase. You will feel stressed about something in your mind. There is doubt in the lending money. Friends will be helpful in your work. Travel will be pleasant.

2. Taurus –
Interruptions in the arrival of money will be removed. Use of new technology in business will benefit. But, colleagues at the workplace will be jealous of your success. Will be worried about the delay in works. May fight with sisters.

3. Gemini –
New sources of earning will be established. Any important issue will be discussed with friends. Mother will be worried about her health. Family Mangalik events will be designed. Time will be spent in religious environment.

4. Cancer –
We will make every effort to make the stopped work and plans functional. Illness will cause stress, but don’t worry, trust your favorite. All will be favorable Life partner will support you.

5. Leo sign –
New contacts between the business expansion totals can bring you fame. Enemies will be defeated. Land property issues involving the old dispute will be pending. Make capital investment in new schemes carefully.

6. Virgo zodiac –
Be sure to seek guidance and advice from experts before starting a new work. Be cautious in investing capital. Mature yourself by not getting caught in anyone’s words. May have to take loan for study.

7. Libra –
Due to your habits, you have made you a lover. It will be good if we change our nature and behavior in time. The economic situation will improve already. New contacts will be established.

8. Scorpio –
Whatever work you do amidst the fortune of fortune, do it with full confidence and joy. Will definitely succeed. Relations with family members will be sweet. Will be attracted to someone at the workplace.

9. Sagittarius –
The start of new business will be favorable between the sum of job changes. People associated with politics can get the desired success. Do not speak in unnecessary disputes. Ear pain may occur.

10. Makar Rashi –
In the hope of solving the economic matters, the mind will be happy to get work according to its interest. Spending on luxury is possible. Those whom you ever helped, today they will oppose you. There will be mental instability.

11. Aquarius –
New deals will be profitable in business. Ideological differences will be overcome. Someone will get a chance to speak his mind. It may take time to complete the stopped work. Spending on money is possible.

12. Pisces –
Forget past things and start a new beginning in your relationship. Your progress may hurt the opponent. Due to politics, enemies will do everything possible to harm you.


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