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2020-10-18 12:49:25 | 18 October 2020, Today Sunday viral video Rashifal, aaj ka horoscope video in hindi

Today is the twelfth date (again Tritiya till 05:27 PM) of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month and the day is Sunday (18 October 2020, sunday). Swati Nakshatra (Visakha again till 08:52 AM) will remain on this day. From today onwards, Sharadiya Navratri is the second day of 2020.

Today’s horoscope: Today Rashifal – 18 October 2020, sunday …

1. Aries – Would like to live life according to her. But, those who used to appreciate your work will now oppose you. The building will end land disputes. Interest in father’s business will be less.

2. Taurus – Complete your work in time. Non-cooperation of family members will affect the work. Vastu changes in the house can end family tension. Panchmukhi Hanuman’s picture at the entrance of the factory will give miraculous benefits.

3. Gemini – Don’t forget your health due to the Siddhesha. Talk to your life partner with humility and the two of you do not show affection in your conversation. Keep sweetness in speech There are travel totals.

4. Cancer – Work stopped at your contacts will be completed. However, there will be concern about the marriage of sisters. Do not ignore your health. Do not disturb anyone unnecessary, guests will have to be cared for.

5. Leo zodiac – Haste decisions can cause huge losses. Life partner’s health will improve. The test result will be favorable. Your words will be heard in the family. There will be participation in religious programs.

6. Virgo zodiac – no one gets ahead of time and more than luck, so wait for your turn. Work will be completed with the help of children. New people will be contacted which will be beneficial in future. Vehicle pleasure is possible.

7. Libra zodiac – will be worried about the health of the mother. Avoid breaking your relationship by being seduced by someone. Leg injuries can occur. There will be a name in the society. Keep in mind that people who ask for another, they never have to ask for themselves.

8. Scorpio zodiac – The people whose cooperation you had, today they will turn away from you. If the medicine will not affect the disease, it is better to change your doctor, or consult a qualified person. There is a possibility of going to a new building.

9. Sagittarius – Changing your nature will make the scheme beneficial at the workplace. Neighbors may have to help. Family will be angry due to excess of anger. Investment in the stock market will benefit.

10. Capricorn – Complete important tasks in time. Do not get seduced by anyone. Do not allow others to enter private life. The father’s behavior will alter his mind. Controversy due to old enmity between the sum of changes in lifestyle.

11. Aquarius – Mind will be happy by having the work done on time. You will get all the work done easily with your speech. Establish a separate identity at the workplace. Due to love affair, the mind will remain depressed.

12. Pisces – You will increase functionality. You will be happy with the lifestyle changes. New sources of livelihood will be established. Family harmony will remain. There will be active role in Manglik ceremony.


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