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2020-10-18 08:09:12 | Weekly horoscope / between October 18 and 24, due to Saturn and Rahu may increase the troubles of 7 zodiac signs including Capricorn | Due to Saturn and Rahu between 18 and 24 October, there may be a difficult time for 7 zodiac signs.

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  • Weekly Horoscope Between October 18 And 24, Due To Saturn And Rahu May Increase The Troubles Of 7 Zodiac Signs Including Capricorn

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  • This week, the shadow of Saturn and Rahu on the moon can prove wrong, the decisions of some people

Between 18 and 24 October, the Moon will travel from Libra to Capricorn. At the beginning of the week, Saturn will be watching the Moon on Saturn. After this, the moon will be afflicted by the shadow of Rahu-Ketu. However, Jupiter will remain with Sagittarius for about two and a half days in the middle of the week. Which will create a Raja Yoga named Gajakesari. At the same time, due to the combination of Moon and Saturn in the last days of this week, poisoning will be formed.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, due to the position of planets being formed this week, people with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces will have to be stable in jobs and business. Apart from these people of Sagittarius should be more careful. One has to avoid taking risks in transactions and investments. Health fluctuations can also occur. On the other hand, people with Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius will be saved from the inauspicious effects of stars. These 5 zodiac signs may be associated with stars in many cases.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – Positive – Some future plans related to the education of children will come to fruition. Because of which you will feel quite relieved. And will be able to concentrate on other tasks. There will be a happy atmosphere in the house due to the presence of any close guest
Negative – You may have to visit the hospital etc. for the health of an elderly person at home. Due to the completion of important work, an ego-like situation can arise in nature, which is wrong.
Business Some new work will start. Don’t expect much profit now, but in future this work will benefit you. Time is going well for job professionals too.
Love- It is possible to have some fuss between husband and wife. A little understanding will make the relationship sweet again.
Health- Headache or migraine will occur due to heat. So protect yourself from the heat.

Taurus – Positive There will be a relaxed atmosphere in the house due to any concern from the children. This week you are going to make an important decision that will be beneficial for you. Time is good for investment related work.
Negative– Stay away from shares, speculative etc. Also, any kind of illegal work can cause defamation to you. Stay away from people of negative instinct.
Business Due to some domestic busyness you will not be able to pay much attention in the work area. But do not worry, even at home, you will keep all the work smoothly by phone. You may have some important target in the job.
Love- The dedication and love of the members of the house will keep a happy and happy atmosphere in the house. There will be closeness in love relations also.
Health- You will feel fever and fatigue. Protect yourself from the humid heat.

Gemini – Positive Your scientific approach and balanced behavior make you egalitarian in every situation. If a court case is stuck, then there is every possibility of success in it.
Negative Do not blindly trust anyone in the matter of money. The mind will be distressed after getting any unpleasant information related to a close relative or close person. Due to which, irritability may come in nature for some time.
Business Pay more attention to the quality of production in the work area. This will create your proper credibility in the market. And new orders are also likely to be received. Employees should not be negligent while doing paper work and too much hard work is required to fulfill the target.
Love- The mutual support of husband and wife will keep the atmosphere of the house organized. It is very important to take care of children’s activities.
Health- The humid heat will cause fatigue and restlessness. Drink more energy-boosting beverages.

Cancer – Positive Relationships with relatives and neighbors will remain good. You are receiving the blessings of some divine power. Your efficiency and ability will be appreciated. Time will also be spent in creative work.
Negative Some problems may arise regarding the marital life of a member of the household. Due to which there will be some tension in the family. There is no hope of improving the means of income right now due to negative environment.
Business At this time, the situation will be more difficult and the result will be less. So this is the time to keep patience. In the meantime, consider a plan like making some changes in your methodology. Which will be beneficial for future.
Love- Because of your busy life, the spouse will have full support towards the care of the family. Will remain restrained in love relationship.
Health- You will feel a lack of energy and self-power within you. Staying close to nature will energize you.

Leo – Positive Before doing any work this week, make plans carefully. This will lead to better results for your actions. New sources of income will be obtained. Will be happy to get good news related to engagement of a close relative.
Negative Making a hasty decision can prove harmful to you. Do not fall into anyone’s words and believe in your work capacity and ability. Be sure to think carefully before lending money to someone.
Business Keep an eye on production as well as marketing related activities in the business. Work-related changes will yield better results. Employees will receive respect due to their soft behavior and appropriate actions.
Love- The family atmosphere will remain pleasant. And with the support and blessings of the elders, positive energy will flow into the house.
Health- People who have diabetes and blood pressure problems, they should not be negligent. Keep your routine organized.

Virgo – Positive There will be plans to shop for things related to home maintenance and amenities. Spending time with family will feel energized and livelier. An important issue will also be discussed with senior people at home.
Negative But keep in mind that there should not be any kind of debate with family members. It is necessary to maintain ease and mildness in our nature. Also, keep in mind your budget.
Business Prioritize and make your decisions a priority rather than trusting others. There will be some shortfall in sources of profit this week. Job environment will remain positive for individuals.
Love- A quarrel may arise between a husband and wife over something minor. Take care not to leave the words of the house.
Health– To avoid problems like cervical and migraine, avoid heavy and heavy food.

Libra – Positive- If you are planning a relocation, then this week is suitable for this because planetary conditions are very favorable. You will feel stress free after getting any auspicious information related to your child’s career.
Negative There is a possibility of a bad relationship with a friend or brother. It is very important to keep your patience and calm. This can have a negative effect on your ability to work, and can also interfere with important tasks.
Business Business activities will remain normal. With the help of employees, the work will be completed smoothly. Profitable conditions are being created in the business related to media and printing etc.
Love- Sweetness will remain in married life. Love relations will also remain sweet and restrained.
Health- A condition like injury or accident is being created. Drive the vehicle carefully. It is better not to drive at all.

Scorpio – positive Be fully focused towards your goal. Success is inevitable. Taking interest in service related work with religious institutions will give you mental peace. Along with this, respect will also be gained in society.
Negative According to the planetary transits, some accident totals are being formed. Therefore, drive the vehicle carefully. If possible, avoid running. Economic matters will still remain the same, so it is appropriate to be patient.
Business There will be troubles in business one after another. A lot of hard work is required. Be friendly with employees and colleagues. The office environment will be relaxed for job professionals.
Love- Misunderstanding can arise between husband and wife over small talk. Deal it with mutual support. Intimacy in love relationships will increase.
Health- There will be problem of heat-related illness such as allergy or cough cold. Ayurvedic is the appropriate solution.

Sagittarius – Positive The home environment will become positive this week if problems have been resolved for some time. There is also a possibility of getting a pending payment for a long time. Which will make the economic situation much better.
Negative There may be confusion over any small talk with neighbors. Which will also affect the happiness and peace of the family. Therefore it is better not to get caught up in the problems of others. Nor make any travel program.
Business Some tension may arise in the work area due to some reason. It would be better to consult an experienced person. There will definitely be some suitable solution. Do not spoil the relationship with your professional occupation.
Love- Due to busyness, you will not be able to give time to family. But still the members of the house will understand your problems and will support you.
Health- Stress and fatigue will also affect your health. Therefore it is very important to be patient.

Capricorn – positive There will be a happy atmosphere in the house due to any achievement of the child. A religious program can also be organized at home. But among all these tasks, also keep in mind your set goal.
Negative In matters related to economic investment, take any decision very carefully. A little carelessness can cause a lot of damage to you. Some work will be incomplete because of laziness.
Business Stay focused on what is currently going on in the work area. Because there is no use to make any kind of change right now. Job professionals should be dedicated to their work. Soon there are chances of getting some important achievement.
Love- The husband-wife relationship will remain cordial. It is necessary to maintain a loving relationship.
Health- Joint pain due to gas and indigestion can cause problems. Limit your diet and routine.

Aquarius – Positive You will get an opportunity to attend a religious ceremony related to the house of a close relative. After a long time, meeting relatives will provide happiness and energy to them. And you will be able to focus on your tasks with a renewed vigor.
Negative Sometimes a situation like doubt or doubt in your nature becomes a cause of trouble for you. There is a possibility of getting a tip from someone close to you. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain flexibility in our nature.
Business Appropriate results will also be achieved in the field of business as per hard work. By improving the quality of your goods more, you can get more orders. Make sure to keep this in mind. Relations with government servants will improve with higher officials.
Love- To keep the atmosphere of the house happy, it is necessary that you do not interfere in the matter of the house. Love relationship will be sweet.
Health- Health will be fine. Do not worry about any kind. But do not be careless.

Pisces – Positive This week, guests will spend some time in Nawaji. And any important problem will also be discussed with the people who came home. If the idea of ​​buying a vehicle is being formed then time is auspicious.
Negative Excess of expenses will remain. But it is also necessary to take care of your budget. The youth should not be careless about their career. Because no new achievement is yet to be achieved soon. It is also not right to put more importance on something.
Business Best successes are being made in business related to state functions. So keep a little more focus on them. The government serving person should carry out his work with complete sincerity and honesty. Because there is hope of having an inquiry.
Love- Peace and happiness will remain at home. There will be closeness in love relations also.
Health- Due to mental stress, you will feel tired and lack of energy. Also pay attention to Yoga and meditation.


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