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Today, Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month (Adhimas) …

Today, the date of 2020 is Sunday sunday on 20 September. Ravi means Sun … In astrology, Sun is also called the King of planets. At the same time, in the horoscope, the Sun is considered to be an insult to your honor and honor. His gem is ruby. The causative god of this day is Surya Narayan ji himself.

Today’s Special: Today’s Special 20 September 2020 …
Today is the Chaturthi Tithi (02:26 AM, until September 21) and the day of Sunday (20 September 2020, sunday) of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month (Adhimas). Swati Nakshatra will remain on this day (Visakha till 10:52 PM).

Auspicious time of 20 September 2020…
: Abhijit Muhurta: 11:27 AM to 12:15 PM
: Amrit Kaal: 02:58 PM to 14:24 PM
: Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga: –
: Ravi Yoga: 05:46 AM to 10:52 PM

Inauspicious time of 20 September 2020…
: Kantak – 09:49:19 to 10:38:01
: Rahukkal – from 16:24:54 to 17:56:12

Know according to Pt. Shyamnarayan Vyas Almanac Today, how will your day be as per 20 September 2020?

Today’s horoscope: Today Rashifal – 20 September 2020, sunday …
1. Aries: –
Even if you do not like to bend anywhere, but keep control over speech today, otherwise work is possible. On the other hand, due to the possibility of changing the house, the marriage will be successful. Household will get happiness.

2. Taurus: –
Take care of your career by being completely honest otherwise great problems may arise. There will be profit amidst the possibility of a large property deal. With the advancement in the workplace, investment etc. will be profitable. But there will also be fatigue.

3. Gemini: –
You will feel relieved by the change of time. Trade thoughtfully otherwise a sudden loss is possible. Investment in food grains will be auspicious. Student class will get success. You will enjoy delicious food.

4. Cancer: –
Good news can be found. More effort will have to be made in the job. Your spirits will take you to the path of progress. Take special care of the parents’ health amidst the possibility of getting new clothes. Do not dispute with each other.

5. Leo: –
Due to your fault in the midst of a dispute with the officials at the workplace, make the work may go wrong, so avoid the dispute. Have courage, conversation will become work. Achieving success will increase social prestige as well as benefit.

6. Virgo: –
Good news will be received from friends today, amidst the possibility of meeting an old friend. Self-esteem will increase. Before doing any specific work, be sure to consult the elders.

7. Libra Horoscope: –
Today your hard work will pave the way for progress. Investing will be successful. Travel will also be beneficial. But, do not dispute with anyone nor misuse your rights. Loss is possible with insubordination.

8. Scorpio: –
Today is not a good day, in addition to increase in expenditure with stress, anxiety and stress will also dominate. Do not risk You will be busy due to pain in the legs. There will be lack of interest in studies.

9. Sagittarius: –
Today new partners will be found for the project. Arrears will be recovered. Traveling with your business will be beneficial. But, any household member will be worried. Illness will remain.

10. Capricorn: –
The atmosphere of fear, anxiety and tension will end with improvement in functioning. Hard work will be more. But there will be a lack of inquiry in the family. A specific topic will be discussed with the father.

11. Aquarius: –
Today is an important day. Investment will be auspicious. There will be state support. But, be careful with new people and befriend them. There will be interest in religious work amidst the possibility of visiting a god place. Avoid accidents and do not dispute.

12. Pisces: –
The day is normal, in the beginning where laziness will dominate. At the same time, extreme belief will prove harmful. You will get the help of saints. But take care in the use of vehicle, machinery and fire, avoid controversy.


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