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Government giving opportunity to earn 25,250 rupees in 125 days from home, read full details » Rojgar Samachar

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Government giving opportunity to earn 25,250 rupees in 125 days from home, read full details

This campaign to provide employment to the workers near their village has been named as ‘Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan’. In this, the workers will get work in 25 government schemes according to their skill. These schemes are being implemented in 116 districts in 6 states of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is inaugurating it from Khagaria district in Bihar.

During the lockdown, lakhs of migrant laborers from different metro cities have returned to their homes. In the sudden lockdown, there is a crisis of livelihood in front of these migrant laborers. In such a situation, to give immediate employment to these laborers, the Central Government has announced the Poor Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan.

Under this campaign, laborers will be provided employment in different works for 125 days. The government has approved a fund of Rs 50 thousand crore for this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start this campaign.

The campaign will run in 116 districts

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has informed that in the beginning of the scheme, people will be provided employment by conducting a massive campaign for 125 days. For this, currently 116 districts of 6 states have been selected. A target has been set to provide work to at least 25,000 migrant workers in these districts. To make the campaign successful, the government machinery will work in mission mode to help the migrant workers.

Work will be done under 25 schemes

Nirmala Sitaraman told that in 125 days of the campaign, about 25 schemes of the government will be brought together. Whoever needs work in these 25 schemes will be given work. Workers will be given work according to their skills. Therefore, 25 schemes of different departments have been included in this campaign.

You can earn up to Rs 25,250 from home

A total of 125 days of work will run under the Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan. In this, daily wages will be given according to the wages of MNREGA. In this regard, a worker will get Rs 202 daily. If a worker works for 125 days, he can earn Rs 25250 under this scheme by staying at his home within 4 months.

These 25 works will focus on

  • Community Sanitation Complex
  • Gram panchayat building
  • Things to be done under the Finance Commission Fund
  • National highway works
  • Water conservation and water harvesting works
  • Construction of wells
  • Ground work
  • Gardening work
  • Work of anganwadi center
  • Work of Prime Minister Rural Housing Scheme
  • Rural road and border road works
  • Work under Indian Railways
  • Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission
  • Fiber optical cabling work under Bharat Net
  • PM Kusum scheme works
  • The work to be done under the Water Life Mission
  • Prime Minister’s Energy Ganga Project
  • Livelihood training under Agricultural Science Center
  • Works under the District Mineral Fund
  • Solid and liquid waste management works
  • Farm pond scheme work
  • Cattle shed
  • Construction of shed for sheep / goat
  • Shed construction for poultry
  • Earthworm Composting Unit Preparation

How will the workers be identified

The central government says that the list of the names of the workers who have been sent back to the village by the workers’ special or other way, is already with the government. Based on that list, they will be provided work. The list of laborers who have migrated from a city to their village on foot or by any other means is also with the District Magistrate of the concerned district. However, such people should check their names. From the work in the employment campaign to the payment of wages, all the state government officials will do.

Updated: 01/07/2020 — 07:03

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